INGESTA magazine: presentation

The field of historical studies on drugs and food has been expanding in the academic sphere and in other countries, but we know this is a recent movement and still is in its early stages. In this development scenario, we have created the INGESTA magazine, an electronic publication, of semesterised periodicity, produced by the Laboratory of Historical Studies on Drugs and Food (LEHDA), in the History Department of the University of São Paulo. The magazine aims to spread works in this expanding research area and to contribute to its consolidation. We will publish articles, book reviews and thematic dossiers that fall inside this academic debate in the area of History and related sciences.


Call for papers for INGESTA’s zero issue

The objective of INGESTA’s zero issue is to present an outlook on the current debate about Drugs and Food based on the works of historians and researchers from other humanities areas. Articles and book reviews that focus specifically on Drugs or on Food will be considered, as well as those based on the interaction between both subjects.

The magazine will accept and reviews from November 15 2017 until January 15 2018, with an expected publishing date for the first semester of the same year. The works must adhere to the specifications and rules proposed by the magazine, available under the “Submissions” tag.